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   I am Marius Cimpoescu, creator of the YouAsGod concept and of the New Energy Magazine. Spirituality in my search began nine years ago when I was in a very difficult period of my life. I knew that somewhere inside me there are answers to questions such as, who am I? Why am I here on earth? What is energy? And to many other questions. I have felt that there are solutions for a better life. I started searching online and slowly I made contact with various people passionate about spirituality. I found a wonderful person who told me that some people from US would come to Romania to support a conference that would be good to go, to see how it is and so I found the Crimson Circle. I began to read the materials, go to their workshops and so I started to change something in my life. I want to give thank this wonderful person (I do not give the name of this person to spark discussion and controversy. I know if she will read the lines, she will know that it is about her) and I want to thank Linda and Geoffrey for what they do.


About New Energy Magazine


   In 2007, we created the New Energy magazine that we launched it in October 2007 in Cluj and then in Bucharest, together with the group helped me to materialize this magazine. This entire group has supported me up to number two issue. I want to thank them for their support and for everything, they have offered. 

    Without the group who went with me until then I published numbers 3 and 4 of the New Energy Magazine. Number 4 marks a major shift in the structure of the magazine. With this number made the transition to new energy. Apparently, the magazine seems more accessible and easier to read than any other does, but its depth is much higher and the energy levels, which can be reached, are going far beyond the first three numbers. 

    The Magazine will not get version currently in print, will appear only in PDF format. I cannot approximate a date for a new lunch of a new magazine. 

    In the Article section, you will find only articles written by me. Articles integrated in a new number of the magazine will be written by other people will be. This magazine will be available in PDF for download.

    It will not be published any article. I reserve the right to accept only authentic articles.


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